Fantasy Football Results

August 21, 2007

The draft was last night.  Good time had by all.  A little slower turning the rounds than usual, but fine.

Here were my results. 

FYI: I had the 10th pick in an 11 person rotary draft (total points instead of head-to-head), standard scoring system w/ 1 point per reception and a flex position.

Rnd 1:	Willie Parker	RB	Pittbsurgh Steelers
Rnd 2:	Willis McGahee	RB	Baltimore Ravens
Rnd 3:	Deuce McAllister	RB	New Orleans Saints
Rnd 4:	Marques Colston	WR	New Orleans Saints
Rnd 5:	Phillip Rivers	QB	San Diego Chargers
Rnd 6:	Laverneus Coles	WR	New York Jets
Rnd 7: 	Jerious Norwood	RB	Atlanta Falcons
Rnd 8: 	Greg Jennings	WR	Green Bay Packers
Rnd 9:	Jeremy Shockey	TE	New York Giants
Rnd 10:	Alex Smith	QB	San Francisco 49ers
Rnd 11:	Jaguars Defense	D	Jacksonville Jaguars
Rnd 12:	Mike Furrey	WR	Detroit Tigers
Rnd 13:	Wes Welker	WR	New England Patriots
Rnd 14:	Reuben Droughns	RB	New York Giants
Rnd 15:	Greg Olson	TE	Chicago Bears
Rnd 16:	Matt Stover	K	Baltimore Ravens

So, a decent draft. Much more pleased with my selections than in previous years.  Didn’t really reach on too many players and got nice values in several spots. 

Now, I just have to be sure that I stay on the waiver wire in those first four weeks. 

So, all in all, quite pleased.


One of The Best Days of the Year

August 20, 2007

And it’s today…

Every year, there are events that you can circle in your calendar as a day that you are reasonably sure will be a good day (barring unforseen circumstances). There’s your birthday. For baseball fans there’s opening day. The major holidays hold happiness for many. Anniversaries. Annual trips and gatherings. First day of school. Last day of school. The annual crabfest/pigroast/blowout bbq. And so on.

For me, one of the best days of the year. One where I can circle the month of August and say, “A great day resides here” is my Fantasy Football Draft Night.

I’ve been in this league since 1995. Started at my old place of work, Franklin Electronic Publishers. And then taken out of the lunchroom and into the bar room in 1997, at a straight out of the 50s restaurant & lounge called The Pub (naming apparently not a skill in Pennsauken, New Jersey). This year the draft takes place at Chickie & Pete’s, so crab fries and much beer will be had by all.

So, why is the draft one of the best days of the year. Well, it’s a group of 11 guys (offically, with two other consultants).  So, no skirts to be found anywhere.

Secondly, as it is an all guy affair, the rudest, crudest, and lewdest behavior is exhibited by all participants.  Last year, I believe a puppet was violated in some way.

Third, the insults and ball-busting does not stop from begining to end. Everything is brought into question. From one’s fantasy football abilities to one’s questionable sexual practices, and one’s poor golf abilities, choice of vocation, and general discussion as to who is whipped the most (With Brian firmly declaring that he chooooooses to do everything possible for his wife.)  It’s just tremendous.

And it’s obvious that the rest of the league feels the same. There are plenty of fantasy football groups, and yet, eight of the current members have been doing this for over 10 years, and the other three all have been coming back for more than five years. 

Three of them come from two hours away.  Four of us have very young children (under 5 I mean). And for the most part, the group of us never gets together other than on this very night.

Really, the only thing missing is when New Jersey stopped the smoking of tobacco in all restaurants.  A good cigar really tops the evening off just right.

In a few weeks, the shine will be off the bloom.  My draft picks that will seem so solid just 12 hours from now, will look like utter crap, and I will be looking at the bottom of the standings. The trash talking will have died out as we have not the time to start minor battles through email. And I will struggle to find the time even to look for a waiver wire selection.

But the memory of a fine fantasy football draft night will still be there. Aging like a fine wine. Memories of crab fries, duck farts, sodomy jokes, rememberances of Beth (one of only two females allowed in the draft and with good reason, my GOODNESS),  the telling and remembering of the live emasculation we witnessed at the fantasy football draft years ago (words to live by, NEVER bring your WIFE to a Fantasy Football Draft…. EVER….), and plans to get together for a golf outing that probably will not take place.

Good Times, indeed!

Hints of September

August 8, 2006

September is one of my favorite months. Always has been. For me, that is the true new year, not January 1st. When I was younger, it was the beginning of school, which was always the promise of a new day, a clean slate. The weather is no longer hot, and there’s a sense of Autumn crispness in the air.

And, of course, it’s the start of Philadelphia Eagles football.

I’m sure that it’s because the Phillies have been so dreadful so frequently over the last 23 years. But there are few Eagles seasons where there wasn’t a real promise of a good season. Okay, it didn’t happen sometimes, but there were very few seasons where we went into the season, saying “God, the team is going to be awful this year.”

Always the promise of a new day. Always the possibility of the victory that has eluded Philadelphia Eagles since 1960, and has eluded Philadelphia sports fans since 1983.

* * *

True Hopes or Scattered Dreams

If you look around at ESPN columnists, I daresay you will find few that even think that the Eagles will make the playoffs, let alone win the division and do well in the playoffs. And looking at them on paper, that is true.

You can’t say that the Eagles have fixed the problems on the defense that plagued them last year. They have not found a defensive lineman to replace Derrick Burgess, Corey Simon, and . They took a step backwards in stopping the run. Their linebackers have never developed into a solid core unit. And several members of their secondary kindof took a step backwards last year.

But you can see the plan on the defensive side of the ball, can’t you? The line looks good with the potential of Jevon Kearse, Darren Howard, Mike Patterson, and Darwin Walker. With McDougle, Bunkley, and Rayburn rotating into the lineup.

The hope that the linebacker core of Shawn Barber, Mark Simoneau, and Jeremiah Trotter gels as a group. And that if the front four gets the pass rush, and the linebackers are better against the run, that the secondary becomes the hard-hitting unstoppable force they were two years ago.

That’s not a pipe dream. Especially if you look at the history of the defensive guru, Jim Johnson.

I have said it before. If Jim Johnson was not hired by Andy Reed to be the defensive coordinator of the Eagles, the team wouldn’t have been nearly as successful, and I believe that Andy Reed wouldn’t be the head coach.

As for the offense, well, that’s a different story.

I’ll finish that one later.



Tuesday August 26, 2003

August 26, 2003

Okay, I guess I’m doing these once per week. Dunno.

Well, the Fantasy Football Draft was last night. That bastard Ed screwed me again. Took both William Green and Amos Zereoue right before my picks. Other than that, everything went pretty well…

For the first time, ever, I think, I got a top 3 quarterback in Daunte Culpepper, so that in itself should be interesting. Watch him get hurt now. I got Shaun Alexander as I expected, but have to go with Trung Candidate as my backup runner. Maybe if some of my other runners or receivers get good, I can trade for someone. Other than that, pretty uneventful in terms of draft.

Typical draft night, I bring 300 sheets of paper, and end up using 1 sheet. Great. You can’t drink, smoke, eat, draft, and be commissioner at the same time. The best part of last night was the setup for the draft. Jules sectioned off an area in the back, and made it like a banquet table. The draft board was at one end, and we were able to keep the smoking at the north side. Although I think only Toshi and Wayne (and Jules’s son, Anthony) are non-smokers. Ed may not be, but he always has to bust on Jim and confer and such, so he was down at their end.

Dave got along with everyone. Not sure if he drafted really well, but he got along with everyone. I forgot that he was on the Christmas Golf Outing, so he already knew Greg and Doug. Everyone showed up, and everyone showed up on time, which was so cool. And I didn’t have to work the sticker board, I was able to just sit at my chair and write down the picks. It’s good to know where people were drafted, but not sure if I would do it that way again as makes you enter everyone by team. It would be easier to just put four running backs in, rather than do it by round.

So I wolfed down a burger. (Maybe I should eat before next year). I drank four beers. Dead tired today. Smoked an Excalibur cigar, which was sweet, no bad taste in my mouth. I should get them all the time. Joked with the guys. And drafted a crappy team, with no players that I like. I was pushing for Seattle, St. Louis, and Cleveland Guys. And ended up all over the board, Seattle, Minnesota, Washington, Buffalo, Oakland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis