Total disgust

November 16, 2006

The proper thing to do is to ignore the news about the upcoming OJ Simpson special. Because tons of sports columnists and other types are going to spout off on how much of a scumbad OJ Simpson is.

I will simply say that OJ Simpson is gloating at this point in time, which is really disgusting. As I heard on Jim Rome‘s show yesterday, “Pete Rose just called and said that OJ Simpson is out of line.”

However, let me say this. Anyone who watches that special, just to see, “What OJ is going to say.” is just as responsible as FOX for putting this shit on the air. Anyone who watches it for “car wreck value” is feeding the beast. As much as you are disgusted by his actions, and think he’s scum for doing it, but you watch it anyway, you can point that finger right back at yourself.

You are the demographic that FOX is counting on to make this show a success. Unless you condone murder or love OJ Simpson, you should boycott the show at all costs. You shouldn’t TIVO it, you shouldn’t record it on a video tape. In fact, you shouldn’t even watch the shows that are calling this disgusting.

And yes, even my writing this, is in some small way feeding the beast. And for that I apologize.

The show will do huge ratings, I know it will.

“The complete fucking apathy with which the vast majority of the world swallows the river of shit which is used to hide the story? That’s why I hate it here.”