Dining at Freda’s 2006

September 26, 2006

We all have our favorite restaurants, nice ones I mean, not the corner place with the cheap burgers, or the place that makes a Penne with Vodka Tomato sauce like Mom does.  I mean a really good restaurant, where you are going out to dine, not just have dinner.

My ultimate favorite restaurant is called Freda’s Cafe in Cape May, New Jersey.  Cape May is well-known for its restaurants.  Freda’s is not one of the best known, it is not the most elegant, it is not the hot spot.  But it may have the best food on the cape.

Well, let me put it this way.  If you are someone who goes to a restaurant and looks for the 16 oz Porterhouse, this isn’t the place for you, though they have it.  One review site called Freda’s modern cuisine, and that’s the best way of describing it.  The chef, Steve Howard, changes his ‘specials’ menu every week or two.  Now, every place has specials, but his are always just tremendous.

My favorite meal I ever had there was a southwestern style pasta dish, with chicken, scallops, shimp in a black bean and tomato salsa.   I had Paella there last year, which was wonderful.  My mother always gets the rack of lamb crusted with pine nuts, feta, spinach, rosemary, and black pepper and some other spices.   My wife had a tremendous steak this past time, topped with grilled shrimp.  (She loves crabmeat and shrimp, but the ob/gyn said to stay away from the shellfish)

This past time was a truly wonderful dish.  I had crispy cuban pork tenderloin (two of them), in a black bean sauce (no, not a theme), topped with crabmeat and banana.  I know…  but the banana worked with the creaminess of the crab meat.  Tremendous.  The type of meal where your mouth thanks your legs for bringing you into the restaurant.

It’s my favorite place to eat.  Just tremendous.  It is a BYOB, so you cut the cost of having a $50.00 liquor bill on the menu.  The only drawback is that you have to go outside the restaurant to use the bathroom, as I said it’s not very elegant, but WELL WELL worth it.

If anyone reading this blog, who I don’t know, ever has a chance to go to Cape May, New Jersey.   I highly, highly recommend it.  Best restaurant that I know of, bar none.



P.S.  The primary purpose for this entry is to remember what I ate at Freda’s cause I always forget.