Are you sure you’re helping

January 28, 2008

Once again, in my head this sounds more like a stand-up routine, than a rant or a blog entry, but what the hey.

Recently, I heard on the news that physicians don’t really think that cough medicines do all that much.  In one recent study, they say that cough medicines work about as well as a placebo. 

Now, what I’m sure they’re trying to do is to get people to take better care of themselves when they are sick.  Basically, when you have a cold, there’s only four things that will really make things better: time, sleep, fluids, and antibiotics.  So, if this gets 10 people to go to the doctor and living, when instead of just downing NyQuil and dying in their sleep, sure there’s a small benefit.

So millions of people think that over the counter cough syrup works for them.  I wasn’t hearing a loud outcry of angry Robotussin users picketting the Wyeth company.  And now the news has informed them that it doesn’t.  Isn’t that like telling someone how David Copperfield does magic tricks, when they’re going out the door to see him? 

People are generally dumb, but they’re not that dumb.  If the cough syrup had no affect AT ALL, people would notice.  Hey, maybe it’s the delivery system.  Maybe sticky syrup makes you stop coughing long enough to get some sleep. 

Plus, the article goes on to say that a placebo had the same effects as the cough syrup.  Okay, that’s great.  But Robitussin is pretty darn cheap, especially if you buy the drug store knock off brands.  I can buy 12 ounces of the stuff for like $6.00.   Even at 4 Teaspoons a day, that’ll last you a good long time.  I bet if they get a placebo out onto the market, it’ll be twice the price. 

Sure, maybe cough syrup is the same as hot tea.  But when I wake up in the middle of the night with a cough, I’d rather slam some Tussin, than go downstairs, completely wake up, and make myself tea, while I hack all over my kitchen. 

This wasn’t some $100.00 an ounce prescription wonder drug.  It’s store bought cough syrup.  We’re purchasing it because it’s convenient and cheap.  What’s next? 

Halls Cough Drops more like candy than medicine?  NO?

Store bought hand cream only soothes doesn’t help dry skin? Say it isn’t so!

Toilet covers don’t really prevent anything, your butt cheeks are not covered in germs.  My world is shattered!


In your Supermarket and Drug Stores Today

August 1, 2007

I saw this product in the supermarket yesterday, and I really don’t know what to do with the information:

I’m not saying that I can’t come up with a valid reason for the product’s existance. Just the implications seem troubling to me.