Are there any bloggers here tonight?

August 23, 2006

This is sooooo true…  Anyone who is truly addicted to blogging will appreciate this one:



No Idea Where to Begin

July 5, 2006

Well, I’m back to blogging.

Yes, of course, my millions of readers and subscribers will be thrilled. Well, or maybe just Zonker will be.

See, I had to give up blogging, man. It was like infecting me. I couldn’t get away from it. I’d go home, and try to forget about it, but the blog man, it hooks into you. It makes you feel important, and all powerful.

Okay, that makes no sense.

The truth is that I think I am decently funny, insightful, and somewhat interesting at times. But when I am ever called upon to do this, even if only by myself, I just come up short. So I try to come on to the blog, and give a little, “Here’s what happening in my life” sort of post. But other than the online storage of the content, my basic philosophy is ‘why bother’.

So, why come back to it?

Good question. I like the concept of blogging. I like the idea of writing something down not for a specific audience (like email) but for a general audience. Plus, there’s the capturing of the feeling and the data in the moment. Not caring about the notebook the thoughts are placed in. It’s permanent and stored. It’s private thoughts for public viewing.

And me and my wife Suzanne have quite a few todoings coming up in the fall. On November 27th, my wife and I are expecting our first kid. Oh crap! So, a few thoughts and ideas on that subject are probably warranted.

My History of Blogging

Basically, shortly before or after Gregg got involved with the blogging scene, I started a quicky blog on Live Journal. It wasn’t anything special. But it was too much into communities and groups, and it just reminded me about most of the general postings on the internet: mostly a collection of over-opinionated teens, trying to get laid.

Which is fine, but there’s no real sense of perspective. And it seemed much younger than what I wanted. And Zonker said that he couldn’t post on there without establishing an account or somesuchnonsense. (Plus, I would go on there, and just find the pictures of bloggers showing off their breasts, and the distraction kindof reduced my posting.)

So, I moved my blog over to myspace. About two weeks before the “myspace is evil, filled with child predators trying to tear apart the fabric of the morality upon which this country was founded. Your children become in immediate danger by going on myspace!!!!!!!” fervor.

To be honest, I didn’t leave for that reason. First off, if I thought livejournal was a little young for me, myspace was ten times worse. And I just felt that it’s main purpose wasn’t blogging. And that’s what I was looking for. So, I posted like four posts, and then stopped.

Then, I went to blogger. It was nice. A very clean interface. A site dedicated to blogging. No immediate way to get distracted by built-in communities. So, I posted a few blog entries.

In late February, my wife and I started to see signs that she was pregnant. During this time, I wrote a very detailed intricate post about the how, where, when, why, wherefores, and how do you feel about all this concerning the pregnancy. It was then that I discovered that Blogger had no easy way to make a post private. No password protected entries, no making of private entries, no allowing only certain visitors to see.

As I don’t have a network of blogger friends, I write with abandon, not caring who sees, because no one will probably see. But occassionally I write a ‘diary’ entry that is just to put my feelings, understandings, and knowledge at the time. So not having the ability to do that, kindof took the wind out of my sails.

And now….

We arrive at WordPress. Thanks to me clicking links on Wikipedia, I found WordPress. I thought I looked at them before, but who knows. Anyway, they seem to have everything that I want, and everything that Zonker says that I will want (e.g., Trackbacks).


So, that’s where we are. Let me end this first post, and get on with things.

Peace out!