Too much information

November 30, 2005

I have about fifty things to write about and yet none of them feel important enough for a blog.

One of the main things is my friend, Geoff. Now, as Gregg (and possibly Michael) are the only two who even know about this blog (as of the time of my writing this), they are probably wondering who Geoff is. Geoff is a childhood friend. He and I kindof hung out when we were kids. His family moved to Jacksonville, FL when I was 14. Since then, I maybe have seen him three times.

So, he contacted me through my Mom a few years ago. And, well we have nothing at all in common. I mean NOTHING. So our conversations are like paint drying. And yet, I know the guy is in trouble.

First off, he has a severe case of arrested development. I mean I’ve met people who were kindof stuck in their high school years. I’ve met people who were stuck in their college years. I’ve met people who were stuck in their post-college years. He is stuck in his elementary years.

Seriously, he calls up and is basically talking memories of us when we were kids. Under the age of 12 memories. And I can tell he’s got nothing. Well, not nothing. He’s got a Vietnamese wife and a young daughter. But even that seems like he knows he kindof settled. I mean you hear him talk and he can’t seem to do anything he wants. He feels trapped at 35 years old.

I feel bad for the guy. And he’s like. “Dude, when are you going to come down and visit?” Half of me is like, “Are you serious?” I mean what in the world would we talk about. I’m not exaggerating. He and I have trouble filling up a 20 minute phone conversation. And that’s when we haven’t talked in over a year. What would we possibly do if we went down to see him. And it’s not like we can just meet for dinner or something, it’s Jacksonville. It’s pretty fucking far from anywhere I even regularly visit (Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Key West, etc. )

And yet. He’s a friend in need. How can I turn my back on him. I know that I have turned my back on too much friendship in the past. I know that due to my procrastination or not wanting to seem “stupid” that I have let friendships fall by the wayside. And that’s not right. So… I’m stuck.

How long do you let friendship go on. If the frienship is one-sided how much obligation should you have. I know, I’m talking so callously.

I guess I should just call him more, and just try to be there for him, at least over the phone and go from there.

And then there’s the Christmas holiday. Always a fun time of the year. Especially when you have three releases due in the middle of the month. Always a lot of fun.

The one thing I was looking forward to were three different cheap concerts to go to in the Philly area: SCOTS, Marah, and Marc Broussard. Well, it looks like maybe only Southern Culture on the Skids is in the works. With a slight chance of an upgrade from Marc Broussard at the TLA, to the Bonnie Raitt with opening act Marc Broussard at the Tower Theater.

Okay, not a bad upgrade. Any chance to see a legend like Bonnie Raitt, you should do so, and to have Marc Broussard open, that’d be cool as well. But I was really looking forward to the Marah show. Saw them last year with a holiday Nick Hornby show, just very cool. And we have to put that aside because Suzanne made plans with her Mom to go to the shopping district in Flemmington. And, get this, I told her about the Marah show like two months ago.

Anyway, I’m whipped, yes indeed. And truth be told, if it was something that was important to me, or that I had to do with my family, I’d skip the Marah show anyway. So, as much as I want to jump on my high horse, I really can’t do it.

Maybe we can go to NYC the night before and see them.

Anyway Christmas sucks anymore. I mean you gotta stress yourself out to buy stuff for everyone. You rarely get anything cool anymore. I mean, certainly not like what you got as a kid. Gotta make sure the house is sparkling clean. Have to make sure that everyone’s emotions are well balanced before the event. And I get to sit there as my wife goes nuts over every comment and reaction that my Mom gives.

Not that my Mom hasn’t created this herself. She most CERTAINLY has.

And the reward for all of this is extra bills, a carpet full of pine needles, more crap that you have no idea where to store, and, if I ‘m really lucky, a pissed off Mom and an emotionally drained wife.

We bought the Polar Express on DVD last week. Suze really likes it, and I enjoyed the movie. It was certainly good.

Anyway, the point of the movie is to keep the Christmas spirit alive within you, regardless of what you believe of the holiday, of Santa Claus, of what’s stupid or silly or whathaveyou.

To put bluntly, if you’ve seen the movie is: Can you hear the bell ringing?

Okay… the season is magical. I’ve always believed that. There is just something in the air. There’s the basic goodwill towards men. People (other than in shopping centers and their parking lots) are generally kind this time of year. Folks gather around the fireplace. Eat lots of good food. Drink and merriment abound. And I’ve had numerous really good thing just happen during this time of year, that really didn’t have anything to do with Christmas or my birthday.

But the rest of this family crap is really starting to ruin the damn thing. I’m getting fucking sick of it.



That’s about all of it.

I want toys damnit!