February 3, 2009

Anniversaries of pop culture events simply let you know that time is passing you by.  To a degree, what is the difference how many times the earth has revolved around the sun since an event occurred, except to remind you that Holy S#!t, it’s been X years since Y occurred.

That’s not quite the case in this posting.  As I am blogging about the anniversary of the death of two people who passed away outside of my awareness of time.

Today, specifically is the 50th anniversary of the death of Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper.  American Pie and all of that.  We all know the story, saw La Bamba or the Buddy Holly Story, or at least have listened to American Pie enough times. 

To me Buddy Holly is one of the greatest “what ifs” in music.  Even bigger than “What if John Lennon hadn’t been shot”.  How would the 1960s have evolved if Buddy Holly had been alive?  Would he have continued to make music, or would he have started making country music?  Would he have gone down the road of drugs and alcohol of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley? 

Or the other possibility is that the only reason Buddy Holly is remembered more than the 50 other rock and roll artists from the era is because he passed away so young and so tragically?  Would he be more of a bump in the road, rather than an innovator of the music that dominated the last three- four decades of the 20th Century.   

Or, could Buddy Holly have emerged, rising from the ashes during the British Invasion, and being the elder statesmen during an era that needed a voice.

It’s interesting… at least to me it is….

Buddy Holly’s music was always there, in the background for me.  Whether it was the original versions of the songs, or cover versions, I had heard his music throughout my life.  (Plus, I seem to remember some sort of Ronco collection of Buddy Holly music probably advertised during an episode of Hogan’s Heroes or some such nonsense).  I knew the song American Pie, and learned that Buddy Holly died in that plane crash.  In spring of 1991, I went to Broadway for the first time to see Buddy (a musical of the Buddy Holly Story).  And the show probably cemented my kinship with Buddy Holly and his music. 

As they say in the musical, “And the rest, and the rest is simply rock and roll!”

The other anniversary occurs later this month, and it is the 15th year anniversary of the death of Bill Hicks.  For those who are uninitiated, Bill Hicks was a comedian who challenged the status quo in ways the few white comedians have done in recent years.  For my money, you have to go back to Carlin for someone who really, on a stand-up stage spoke and joked and preached about the levels of hypocracy and human foibles.  He condemned ‘religion’ but embraced the ‘one living god that lives in all of us’.   He trashed commercialism and marketing.  He refused to sell out in any way whatsoever.  Never backed down. 

I’d like to tell you that I remember where I was when I heard about his death, but it passed by without my notice.

I’d like to tell you that I was too young to know about Bill Hicks during his life, but… while I was young…  (23 when he passed away), I wasn’t that young.

Uninitiated…  Like someone living in Jerusalem 2000 years ago who hadn’t heard of Jesus til after he died. 

I watched a comedy special sometime between 1995-1997 on Comedy Central, and my jaw hit the floor.  I was rolling on the floor.  I could not stop laughing.  I had never heard anything quite so funny. 

And then I found out that he was dead… I found a prophet to believe in… to follow… to drink the Kool-Aid and let him take me to the promised land… and he had already been crucified on the cross on pancreatic cancer.

Obviously, I’m going overboard, slightly here… 

But I think you know what I mean.  There are things in life that are enjoyed by everyone, like chocolate, Disney Animated Movies, the sound of the ocean… things you say that you like, and it’s not a revelation…. it doesn’t define you… it just simply is very likeable

Then there  are those things that cause you to have an opinion, one way or the other about them.  You either love Henry Rollins or you don’t.  No one just kindof likes sushi.  No one says, “Yeah, I was going to go to sleep, and a Felini film was on. I hadn’t seen it yet.” These kindof describe your tastes and preferences, and separate you from the crowd.   To a degree, a liking of Buddy Holly’s music falls in this category.

Then there are those things out there, that seem to have been created just for you… that speak to you on a level that is deeper that just enjoyment.  An echo of sentiment that already existed.  A capturing of your akin spirit that is expressed through their creativity.  Food or art or work that brings together likemindedness and reminds us that we are not alone. 

My list would be (and I’m sure I’m forgetting things): Strangers In Paradise, High Fidelity, ECW (the original), Southern Culture on the Skids, RENT, craft-brewed beer, The Commitments, and Bill Hicks

Anyway, there’s not much else I can say about that except to “Enjoy the Ride”.

P.S. After writing this… I found out that Bill Hicks owned a “Chevette“!!!!!  HA!  Four door, but what can ya do….  Connections, my friends…. connections…  Either a karass or a granfalloon… not sure which


Blogging, Cataloging, and Collecting

May 27, 2008

I hadn’t blogged in a while…  Hadn’t felt the need to I guess…  Not that it’s really significant, but I start to wonder why I haven’t felt the need to…  And then, the postulate (or counter-inference or some such geometry nonsense) is essentially: Why do you blog?

I’ve gone into this before.  Really, I blog for two reasons.  One to collect my humorous thoughts for the 3-4 friends who visit the blog, and secondly to act as a sort of diary that I can review in future years to sort of mark my path and remind myself where I was mentally on that particular date.

I enjoy cataloguing, but I rarely find that I want to devote my time to it.  Or, more specifically, I like cataloguing when other options of entertainment are missing.  I find that cataloging the movies that I’ve watched or the graphic novels that I own becomes less interesting when I can play Puzzle Quest or it’s a playoff hockey game between the Flyers and Penguins. 

I always have this sense, like that when things are orderly, that it will look “right”.  That if you took all of the books, put them in order by series and author, and placed them on a bookcase, would just look right, would fit into place, and be this glowing shining achievement. 

But it’s a fallacy. 

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For Blog’s Sake

April 3, 2008

Random Blogging Thoughts that have been building for a lil while

I tell you, this blogging thing is addictive.  And this is without even having any readers.  I mean I started this blog as a site for any sort of random comments, funny occurences, diary enties, and entertainment recaps.  But most blogs tend to have a focus.  That way you can connect with other bloggers, and link to their site, do cyber-networking.

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Scrounge Rats Revisited (Part One)

February 6, 2008

The other night, was talking to a good friend of mine who lives down Virginia way (Baron and the Lady Von Jaeger), hearing about his latest explots. We were talking about blogs, as he’s recently joined the blogging community on Live Journal (let me know when you decide to stop riding the moped, buddy)… blah blah blah, back and forth….

So he mentions that he saw an entry on my blog that was in the category of Scrounge Rats. And that he clicked it, and it was password protected. So of course, he’s wondering what inflamatory, incriminating material is in this blog post. Well, I wasn’t online at the time, and couldn’t tell him what was protected

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Normally not one for quizzes…

November 8, 2007

But I liked this one from Rub Daddy:

Your Score: Besotted Vagabond

1 Social Standing, -1 Malevolence, -16 Self-Mastery

Human detritus too pusillanimous and dull to menace anything more formidable than an unattended chicken-coup or linen line, you stagger from workhouse to workhouse as the local rate-payers wax weary of your unamended parasitism. Your contemptible existence shall end as the bulk of it was lived – in a ditch beside the road.

Link: The What Manner of Blackguard Test written by hermoderus on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

As Bill Hicks Would Say…

September 14, 2007

Drink Coke…..

I’m just surprised that it took this long.

Self Exploration

September 7, 2007

Most nights, I’m the one who takes my son Zachary up for his bath.  He’s nine months old now, and sits in the tub while he gets the scrubbin.

Recently, he discovered the location of his genitals, and proceeds to grab them while he’s in the tub. 

As a guy, I had two reactions to this.  The first reaction is one of conflict.  I certainly don’t want him to do this all the time.  You never know where habits begin.  But by the same token, I didn’t want to go all Victorian Age on him and have him think that “That’s dirty… you shouldn’t do such things… I’m taking you to the Priest on Sunday!!!”

My second reaction was more along the following:


(Lovingly ‘borrowed’ from Berkeley Breathed’s site)

So, Suze was taking Zack to the doctor, and I asked her to mention it to the doctor.  More because that certain things are ‘signs’ that your kid is trying to relay to you.  When the baby tugs on his ear, it means that his sinuses might be bothering him. 

And I didn’t want a doctor saying in six months.  “You mean he was tugging at his junk six months ago, and you didn’t tell us?  If we had known, we could have spared your son the fate of conjunctive penisites.”

The comment from the doctor, was (basically) the following:

“No, it’s perfectly normal. Frankly, we would be concerned if he wasn’t touching it.”

If only I had this excuse when I was younger.