Forgive the Reminiscence…

February 8, 2008

My wife called up with severe cabin fever earlier this week. Another night plopped in front of the television was not going to work for her. As it was a Wednesday, and there was nothing to do, no one to call to watch our son, and work the next day, we decided to put this off til the weekend.

Now, this would have been perfect, as one of our favorite bands, Marah, was SUPPOSED to play at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. But, apparently they’ve had a major band squabble , leaving them with just the core of the Bielanko boys and Christine Smith.

So, we were going to go see a cover band, but the timing wasn’t working out. But one of the bands we were thinking of seeing was the Sensational Soul Cruisers. One of the last great Philly cover bands from my younger days… just a phenominal band.

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