The Land of Do As You Please

Okay, not really….

Makes it seem like I’m totally obsessed with the movie or graphic novel, V for Vendetta. No, not at all. It is one of my favorite comic books/graphic novels. And, like any good word of fiction, when I first read it at 17, it left me altered. I was different after having read it than before.

The major theme of the graphic novel (not the movie) is Anarchy. The collective rule of the many. The ability for us as a collective to govern and rule ourselves using the basic rules and beliefs of society as a whole, instead of ones written on a piece of paper or judged by the elite.

The other point of the novel is to distinguish between true Anarchy and “The land of do as you please”. Anarchy means self-governing. In the novel, people rule and govern themselves without the need for an official government, which by its very nature tends to be corrupt. But without government, we as humans tend to just throw out whatever laws we don’t want. Society of the strong versus self-governing.

Does Anarchy work in real life? Hard to say, as no one has ever attempted it. Most basic attempts turn into “do as you please” land. Theoretically it would work, if everyone was like minded. But it definately can lead to the rule of the strong or the total breakdown of peaceful society.

However, in the world of the internet (and perhaps blogging specifically), there is a technologically-driven anarchistic society that grows and lives and thrives. We thrive in our ivory corners of the internet where we might barter for goods both as a buyer and seller, we spout opinions without worrying of repercussions, we engage in the collective trading of information and entertainment.

In one very real sense the entire system that the ‘real world’ lives and thrives on, completely breaks down on the internet. There are no borders. Ethics are collective ones rather than societal or governmental ones. The value of many goods and services can become obsolete, and new ones emerge.

(Okay, yes this Anarchistic society is built upon a capitalistic one that is filling the pockets of those businesses who have moved into the space and were able to generate capital. But, the illusion is interesting enough.)

So, there’s me. The Man from Room Five. Living between the land of do as you please and the view of Anarchy.

Don’t get me wrong, more likely to simply bitch about New Jersey Drivers, the impact of my upcoming entry into the world of parenting, the latest documentation tools, and how my need for ‘instant gratification’ is really disrupting my chances of accomplishing anything, if only getting the lawn mowed.

So, a lofty philosophical statement which is probably just a bullshit illusion to have you think I’m cooler than I actually am. That I’m really not just a wanker poseur trying to tell you that I was punk waaay before there even was punk.

But no.

It’s a philosophy, but one that only is instilled in me when I think about it. Other times it lies on the floor with about ten ideas for novels, a dresser that I’m trying to refinish, and my plans to develop my own black and white photographs.


July 6th, 2006


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