Internet Commerce is making us Dumber!

So… there’s this site, called, where you can ‘rent’ books just like you can rent movies using NetFlix… 

Now, of course there’s an obvious flaw or hole or “DUH” to this business model, but they claim that they offer ‘textbooks’, and remove areas of the country.  So, my idea was that maybe they have a good graphic novel section, and it would be worth the subscription.

So, they do indeed have a graphic novel section.  It’s good… not WOW… but solid…  Better than my county library catalogue, but not as good as other catalogues I’ve seen.  So, seems worth it to me to apply and get my comic fix that way…

I go to the ordering page, and for the most basic plan (1-3 books at a time), the fee is $9.95 for the first month (the price I expected to pay) and $19.99 for each month after that.


This is so dumb, I don’t even know where to begin.

First off…  Libraries!!!!  Most places have them.  Fine, some might suck…  Sure…  Most of them want you to read more…  And are somewhat willing to get you stuff.

Secondly… Unless you want stuff that was just released in hardback (and costing $30.00), and want it immediately…. (and I didn’t even see that much ‘new new’ releases on the page, it was mostly hawking ‘Twilight’), paperbacks are like $8.00 and there are used book stores, and previously mentioned libraries, who constantly get the latest hot titles in books.

And finally there’s ebay and other book trading sites.  I mean wouldn’t that make more sense?



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