Bawitdaba… and welcome to Storytellers

Okay, this is old news…. I wanted to post something about this in the past… but just didn’t get around to it….

Several weeks ago… I saw a commercial for VH1 Storytellers where the featured artist would be…. Kid Rock…

Let that soak in a minute….

Kid Rock… on VH1 Storytellers….


If you don’t know, Storytellers is a show on VH1 where the artists come on and describe the musical process and what they were thinking when they wrote specific songs.  The musical process as it were…

Kid Rock….  Storytellers

Oh, I know what you’re thinking…  I must hate Kid Rock, why can’t I just relax and like basic rock and roll about sex and drugs.  What’s wrong, old timer, can’t you let the new generation have some fun.

Just stop right there… I like Kid Rock…  I own three Kid Rock albums…  I love the crossover aspect where he can combine hard rock, country, and rap/hiphop all in a single artist.  I don’t even care that he’s probably some suburban white kid, trying to make himself seem all bad ass, or ghetto, or white trash…

And yes, he’s trying to remake his image… typical rock and roller going from rebelious upstart to reverential rock and roller who tries to help celebrate the giants who have gone before, like Hank Williams Sr., Warren Zevon, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc.   And Storytellers fits in with that… but come on…. can you imagine

“When I wrote the song Cowboy, I wanted to glorify the idea of coming from Detroit to Los Angeles and becoming like a king-pimp.  I really think that this song exemplifies my core values of treating women like whores….”

“I mean, inspiration comes from so many places…  When I had my posse beat up some guy for looking at my girl the wrong way… I thought about how great it is to be an American and be such a Bad Ass…   And when I was doing heroin later that night, I came up with the lyrics for American Bad Ass.”


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