Innauguration Thoughts

Yes, back in this blog… was going to put this in my personal journal, but decided to come here instead.  Not sure if this means I’m going to be back on this blog or not.

Just a few thoughts about the innauguration of President Obama.

  • Nice to see that the so called liberal media… (not that it isn’t true, but it isn’t as true as the conservatives think) make a mountain out of a molehill with  Biden being offered Secretary of State if he wanted it.  OMG!  You mean Hilary Clinton wasn’t his choice prior to him being elected President?  WOW what news!  Good Lord.   
  • I like the guy, and this isn’t his problem.  But outside of a professional wrestling ring, nothing good has ever come out of thousands of people chanting your last name.
  • The televised “Neighborhood Innauguration Ball” felt like an episode of Dick Clark’s Rockin Eve.  For someone who tried to shy away from the ‘celebrity’ image, this didn’t help. 
  • One of my former classmates (Arvin) had this on Facebook, that Dick Cheyney looked like Mr. Potter from It’s a Wonderful Life
  • I seriously wonder whether The Daily Show will be as funny with Obama as president.

And on a side note…. nothing to do with the election, other than I’ve been seeing the commericals these past few days….   Lewis Black… spokesman for the Aruba tourism board…

It’s like Michael Keaton as Batman (back in the old days).  Never the choice I would have taken.  If someone made the suggestion, I would have suggested that it might not work.  And yet… it does work… it works really well… 

Occassionally my instincts are wrong.




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