Favorite Animal Stories of the Day

Two stories on Philly.com involving animals. 

The first, is this story, where a man in Manasquan, New Jersey was atrested for beating a sea gull to death. 

Now, I love animals.  I really do.  But the sea gulls on the Jersey shore are rats with wings.  Scavengers who would take infants and drop them on the rocks and eat them if they could. 

I understand that you don’t want to encourage this behavior.  But after all the sea gull shit that has been dropped on people.  For all of the sandwiches that has been taken out of my hands by these stinkin birds.  It’s nice to see the top-of-the-food chain get it comeuppance just once. 

The man should be given a medal


And then there’s this story.  That started with the following headline: Feral Pigs on loose. 

My world isn’t shattered by this headline, but it is…. altered slightly.


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