Current Kids Television

Once you have a child, at some point in time you are required by law to make comments about the state of children’s television and how it compared to what you watched as a kid. 

This tends to take two forms. First is the, “How the hell do kids watch this crap.  There isn’t even a plot.  Why do all of these japanese characters have weird hair. Isn’t Tom and Jerry good enough for these young whippersnappers.  Back in my day, we had good, wholesome television for kids.”  Or, even more simply, “Huh?”

Or there’s the other side, “Good god, I can’t believe how spoiled kids are today. The animation is 1000 times better.  I mean how often did we see Yogi Bear walk by the same tree.  I swear Spongebob makes me laugh every single time, and I have to hide it from my kids.” Or more simply, “Cool!”

My wife has recently turned on the Sprout channel, a collection of kids programming that has been on PBS.  So, you have Elmo’s World, Thomas the Train Engine, The Berenstein Bears (more on them another day), and Dragon Tales. 

Well, there’s another show on Sprout, called Jakers!  An animated show (computer I think) of a Pig, named Piggely Winks, who lives in Ireland and goes to school with his two friends who are a cow named Ferny and a duck named Dannan. 

One day it’s on, to distract Zack, and I’m not paying attention, either playing with Zack or on the computer, and I hear a familiar voice speak. I look up, and there’s a talking sheep.  Now the sheep are interesting, because they are the one farm animal that is used as livestock. So basically the pigs are farmers and shepherds.  Throws evolution and the food chain on its ass, but anyway.

So, here’s a clip with the well-known voice.

Mel Brooks?  A Jewish Sheep in Ireland?  And he’s the only one who can talk.

Look the show is MUCH better than most of them. It’s not all about caring and sharing. The message isn’t slammed into your head with a two by four. There’s isn’t songs that bury themselves into your head (don’t get me started on Little Einsteins).

But I’m not sure I can handle anthropomorphic pigs with Irish accents that tend to sheep with the voices of old Jewish men. And I just mean ME specifically. It doesn’t need to be removed from the television, I’m just not sure that I should see it anymore.


One Response to Current Kids Television

  1. zonker says:

    I dunno about the animation being better. Smoother, perhaps, but compared to good cartoons from, say, the 80’s, today’s cartoons are poorly drawn with very little detail. I’m comparing today’s cartoons for toddlers against yesteryear’s cartoons for teens and (young) adults, mind you. Still…

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