885 Greatest Artists (part 2)

August 30, 2006

(Referencing my previous post here. )

Okay, I’ve finally made my decision.  And it’s kindof weird.  I’m not sure I agree with my own decision.   (How in the world can I not agree with myself)

Anyway, as I am not personally ranking all 885 greatest artists.  I am going to vote for those bands which I am the biggest fan of.  So, while I might think that the Rolling Stones are better than Jimmy Buffett, talent-wise, career-wise, impact-wise.  I’ve decided to rather be an advocate for those bands which I claim my strongest ties to as an enjoyer of music.

So with that in mind, here is my new, adapted, altered, and disclaimered list of my top 10 artists:

1.  Bruce Springsteen

2.  Southern Culture on the Skids

3.  Richard Thompson

4.  Joe Satriani

5.  Garbage 

6.  Buddy Guy
7.  Brian Setzer

8.  Jimmy Buffett

9.  Meat Loaf

10.  Little Feat

Honorable Mention: Tower of Power, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Sheryl Crow, Marvin Gaye, Sarah McLaughlan, Pink Floyd, Marah


A site to be visted once a day

August 25, 2006


Are there any bloggers here tonight?

August 23, 2006

This is sooooo true…  Anyone who is truly addicted to blogging will appreciate this one:


Changes, Character Deaths, and Sorting

August 21, 2006

Recently, I heard that the comic book character, Booster Gold was killed in the DC Comic book series 52, which is kindof the wrap-up (or sequel) to DC Comic’s Infinite Crisis. In the past two years in the comic books surrounding Infinite Crisis, several characters that were created and revamped during the late 80s and early 90s have been killed (Blue Beetle), dismantled (Captain Atom), totally altered beyond their origins (Fire) and original purposes and designs.

Several fans of this era of comic books are really up-in-arms over this, as several beloved characters that they grew up wtih, are no longer alive-and-kicking. DC swears that this is not an intentional attack on a certain era of characters.

Now… coincidentally, while all of this has been happening, I’ve been doing some summer cleaning, attempting to clear some space out for the impending arrival of my kid in November. This means clearing out of books, comic books, CDs, assorted items that were really important for me to hold onto at the time.

Now, if I look over a lot of the stuff that is being removed from my posession, I notice that most of the stuff that I’m getting rid of is of a certain era as well. Stuff that I’ve had for years-and-years, tends to stay around. They have meaning or purpose to me, or have a stronger emotional impact and more difficult to get rid of. The stuff that I have purchased recently, I have yet to fully enjoy or I am using for more specific needs.

Or to fully make the analogy between my life and DC Comics:

My old stuff is akin to Superman, Batman, etc… These are classics. You can’t get rid of it. I have an old clock-radio that my grandmother gave me when I was 9. It is cracked. The dials don’t work. And barely works. (like Superman…. kindof kidding)

My new stuff is akin to Ion, Impulse, or (the new) Firestorm or Hawkgirl…. These are new and exciting stuff, that are still yet to be developed fully. Even if they arent good, there’s still the need to try to make it work again. I have surround-sound speakers (that I got off the back of a truck), that are not set-up properly, and have never really worked the way I want, when they were (not necessarily the fault of the speakers), but these were not thrown out, because I want to configure them properly one day.

The stuff being thrown out, usually was purchased from my post college years (94-95) to my pre-marriage years (02-03) is akin to the Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, all the characters that are not currently active or were killed. I have plenty of books that are good, or haven’t read yet, but I tossed them. I have basically come to the philosophy, that anything that I have not used since I moved from my apartment to my house (8/8/01).

It makes sense. These characters were created and made active/popular in the 80s or 90s, and trying to alter these characters for the modern age is difficult and not as much fun. But the older characters, even minor ones, have such a long history and whose passing would have such an emotional impact (say Metamorpho or Black Lightning), these characters are classics, they can’t be ‘touched’. Creators are more willing to alter them for the modern age because of this.

Solution? Either create no new characters, and never have this issue… Which is akin to never buying any non-consumable products anymore…. (And believe me, that’s quickly becoming my philosophy.)

Or, just accept that this is the passage of life. The same is true with music. Oldies and Classic Rock are still on the Radio, every song getting some play and some love. And the music of today is, of course, played and analyzed. But the music of the 80s and 90s that wasn’t a sing-along pop hit, gets put on the shelf.

Okay, that’s it from me.



The Boys

August 15, 2006

I met Darick Robertson when Wizard World came to Philadelphia last May or so. As he was signing the splash page where Spider, Helena, and Channon were tossing grenades into the skyline, he told me that he had a new creator-owned project with Garth Ennis coming out soon.

My response was, “Oh really?”

He asked if I liked Preacher, I of course said yes.

“Well, if you liked Preacher you’ll love this. It’s a lot of fun.” And he had that gleam in his eye.

So, let me repeat: Garth Ennis (writer of Preacher) and Darrick Robertson (artist of Transmet) are collaborating on a creator owned, mature-readers project (from DC).

With no further ado….



For any Lost fans… (or A-Team Fans for that matter)

August 11, 2006

Here’s the funniest link. If you’ve seen the television show Lost, it will make more sense, but funny for anyone to see, really…


Very good stuff….

Hints of September

August 8, 2006

September is one of my favorite months. Always has been. For me, that is the true new year, not January 1st. When I was younger, it was the beginning of school, which was always the promise of a new day, a clean slate. The weather is no longer hot, and there’s a sense of Autumn crispness in the air.

And, of course, it’s the start of Philadelphia Eagles football.

I’m sure that it’s because the Phillies have been so dreadful so frequently over the last 23 years. But there are few Eagles seasons where there wasn’t a real promise of a good season. Okay, it didn’t happen sometimes, but there were very few seasons where we went into the season, saying “God, the team is going to be awful this year.”

Always the promise of a new day. Always the possibility of the victory that has eluded Philadelphia Eagles since 1960, and has eluded Philadelphia sports fans since 1983.

* * *

True Hopes or Scattered Dreams

If you look around at ESPN columnists, I daresay you will find few that even think that the Eagles will make the playoffs, let alone win the division and do well in the playoffs. And looking at them on paper, that is true.

You can’t say that the Eagles have fixed the problems on the defense that plagued them last year. They have not found a defensive lineman to replace Derrick Burgess, Corey Simon, and . They took a step backwards in stopping the run. Their linebackers have never developed into a solid core unit. And several members of their secondary kindof took a step backwards last year.

But you can see the plan on the defensive side of the ball, can’t you? The line looks good with the potential of Jevon Kearse, Darren Howard, Mike Patterson, and Darwin Walker. With McDougle, Bunkley, and Rayburn rotating into the lineup.

The hope that the linebacker core of Shawn Barber, Mark Simoneau, and Jeremiah Trotter gels as a group. And that if the front four gets the pass rush, and the linebackers are better against the run, that the secondary becomes the hard-hitting unstoppable force they were two years ago.

That’s not a pipe dream. Especially if you look at the history of the defensive guru, Jim Johnson.

I have said it before. If Jim Johnson was not hired by Andy Reed to be the defensive coordinator of the Eagles, the team wouldn’t have been nearly as successful, and I believe that Andy Reed wouldn’t be the head coach.

As for the offense, well, that’s a different story.

I’ll finish that one later.