Instruments of Graphity

December 19, 2005

Last Friday, I went to Staples to purchase blank CDs to burn music for my niece, Katie. Now, I just love office supplies, well specifically pens, pencils, stationary… calculators and tape dispensers do rather little for me.

So, as I’m wandering in Staples, I see a two pack of mechanical pencils. Specifically the Zebra M-301, 0.5 mechanical pencil. It is really slim, and so far seems to be of a decent weight. The wrong weight makes me break off lead w/ mechanical pencils.

I buy the pencils (and sone pens), and it just feels good in my hand. Not perfect. It’s Das Uber Pencil. It’s just nice. As it is light, it makes my hand compensate. Almost bringing it up to its level, rather than pressing down on as I am wont to do.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes. A different look. A different feel. A new approach? Can you force symbolism upon your self? Can you actively make something into an omen.

I’m not trying to turn all Bene Geserit now. More of a basic observation.

Our moods and thoughts are influenced by our environment. But this is, for the most part, passive reaction. My words come out differently when I physcially write them down rather than when I type them. This is pure mechanics. I can type much faster than I write. So typing creates a faster stream of consciousness.

So, by interjecting a new instrument into my environment, can I subtly change my ouput. Or does the fact that I’m actively attempting this ruin any sense of a new variable into my own personal experiment.

So anyway, this entry was first written on a spiral bound, college ruled, notebook with a mechanical pencil that uses 0.5 graphite. Actually, this particular passage was written on the back pags as my hand bumps against the metal spiral.

A quick diversion of mind and hand, as I wait for a developer to get back (or possibly arrive) at his cube.

I promise (on paper, we’ll see if I leave this in) to only change spelling and perhaps grammar (if an intended adverb would be better suited as an adjective, because I changed my mind in mid-sentence).

As I said, stream of consciousness, but also permanency. Without getting all William Burroughs on the situation, the words are oni the paper. Editing is much more difficult, and has greater destructive consequences. (We all have had eraser accidents in our lives).

Anyway, reaching the end of the back page. Another limitation of the paper form. But enhances brevity. But I should leave room, and end it here. Have fun transcribing, ya poseur-slacker!