Too much, too little, and too few

May 21, 2004

I really don’t know where to begin….

Let’s start with the obvious. Yesterday, I came home from work and there was a fence up at my house. I bought the house in August of 2001, with the pieces of the fence, that was originally up, scattered around the area.

So, after years of waiting for the lawsuit to be settled, and then lots of signs that everything is going acording to Hoyle, the fence is up.

Let me rephrase. A fence is up. A new fence. A rather pretty fence. But a fence that is missing a feature prominent in the previous version…. a gate.

That’s right, the borough of Morrisville has sealed in the front of my house from the back of my house. Now the only way to get to the front of my house is through the front door.

Okay, no reason to get overly pissed. It probably wasn’t quite kosher to have the gate in the location in the first place. Morrisville probably wants to deter the people from cutting through the back of the apartments, and falling into the ditch.

But still. How am I supposed to bloddy cut my lawn. I’m not bringing my lawnmower through my house just to mow the front yard.


Bastards could screw up a wet dream

The second piece of news is that our good friend, Billy, won’t be able to make it to my bachelor party, as there is some historical reinactment in England he is attending. Tis a shame. I understand that Bill and I aren’t close anymore, but still, it would be nice for him to meet the gang.


In the doofus move of all time. Well, not quite, but a move in which I’m still trying to figure out what happened. This morning I had two things to do before I got to work. Drop off the Matchstick Men DVD to Blockbuster and get a bottle of Gatorade to 7-11. Both in the Morrisville city limits.

So, I’m on Route 1 in New Jersey. Just driving along. I look down at the passenger seat, and there sits the DVD. And right next to it is the bottle of Gatorade that I bought. And if you had asked me prior to that moment, I would have told you that I did indeed drop of the video.

Not that I had the memory in my head of having done so. I clearly didn’t. I would have remembered stopping in front of Blockbuster, getting out of the car, and putting the DVD in the slot. No, I know that I didn’t do that. And I have no memory, real or self-manufactured, of having done so. But I was confident that I had dropped off the video.

My brain is turning to jello.

Well, there has been good news. Brian finally proposed to Kara on Wednesday night. He had told me that he bought the ring previously, and was going to make a scrapbook for Kara and put it at the end. And that’s just what he did. In terms of gimmicks, it’s pretty good, and yet not sappy. Although I was sure that he was going to do it after she got back from Texas.

So, the dumb bastard has gotten engaged. Lucky him. It is a good match, and I’m happy for the two of them.

That’s about it for now.