Monday September 15th, 2003

September 15, 2003

A bit of the duldroms I think. Nothing special. Just a lot going on. Feeling small financial pressure, and no release in sight. Well, maybe no release in sight.

Let’s go over the things that happened this past weekend. On Friday night, Michael came down to hang out. And we went to Philly. Now, the main reason for going to Philadelphia was to get tickets at the Troc for SCOTS and Reverend Horton Heat on Friday September 26th. We never got there. Admittedly, I was driving, so tis my fault, and the fault that I can’t add properly when it comes to dinner and drinks etc.

I took everyone to Engine 46, when I should have just gone to a Cheese steak place, and saved the cash. Anyway. We went to Engine 46. It was fine, nothing special. But I dropped $40.00. Sheeeesh. It adds up after a bit. But it was fun as always. Michael told Suzanne the story of Amanda, and all that. He kindof left out the part where he went into an institution. But that’s fair. She doesn’t need to know that. Or if I told her (which I can’t remember), he doesn’t need to know that she knows it.

After that, we caught up with Phoebe of all people. Now, I know that it doesn’t seem that implausible later on, reading this thing, but at the time, it was pretty f-ing weird. Phoebes looks good. Lost a bit of that ‘thang’ that made her so yummy. She ain’t slinky anymore. She’s just a quite pretty, pale, goth/theatre chick. Instead of the incredibly slinky yummy dish that she used to be. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t do her in a heartbeat, if it was offered and I wasn’t engaged. I know, censored for potential audiences, but still.

Let’s just simply say, that Phoebe isn’t a girl whom I would jeopardize a betrayal of Suzanne over. Plus, I don’t think that it’s an issue anymore. Other than liking my hair, she showed little affection towards me. Remembering me more as a ‘friend of Bill’s’ than anything else, which is fair. I never went out of the way to keep in contact after the fact. Whereas Michael did. And probably is the first thing that made Jaeger really dislike Michael.

Back in the car, Mr. Michael went off for a bit about Suzanne making some sort of visual comment about Michael and Phoebe. I didn’t see it, but then again I never do. But Michael was bothered by it. Seriously bothered. And I know him well enough to know that it was so. Now, I didn’t see Suze do a single thing to Michael. He says that Phoebe commented about it. Whateva.

But Michael being bothered by it, that’s something interesting. Michael has a few weak points, and that’s one of them. Being called on lecherous activity with women based on his ‘friendships’ with them. Michael is either king of the friend zone or he tries to keep his options open by being friends with a bunch of women. It’s a decent way to play it, but… It makes him seem like a player or a wanna-be player.

Anyway, we drank buchos amount of beer. Made it back to my place. I talked with Michael for a bit, about the whole Amanda issue. Which is a scary one. Basically, Amanda has talked about leaving her husband and coming to ‘spend time’ with Michael. Now, none of us know if Amanda is Michael’s true love or what. Amanda feels fire for Mike, but can you go back to who you were over 10 years ago. Is interesting to say the least. In this instance Michael is the perfect guy for the situation, since he is reflective enough and won’t fall into those old traps. Plus, neither is the person they once were. Just habitually. Instead of being a student with free time who works in a theatre group, Michael is now a full-time Massage Therapist working for St. Barnabus, making little money, and surviving as best he can. Very different situation.

Michael left. I crashed into bed.

Saturday was busy, yet muddled. Not a clear picture of what we did. Even though it is known to me. Let’s see. We woke up around 11:30 or so. Watched some of the Dr. Phil weight loss tape from Friday night. Good advice as always, but unless self-esteem and self-delusion is your environment, helpful only to a point. More intellectually stimulating than anything else.

Then we went somewhere. Oh yeah to Newtown. (A bathroom break was needed to remember). Went to Newtown Hardware, I got those expansion bolt thingys, you know the ones we tried to use to put Mom’s shelved in the wall, that didn’t work. So I tried to use those things again to hang the medicine cabinet. Couldn’t even get them in the wall. Now there are four huge holes in the wall. FUCK FUCK FUCK

We ended up using the plastic molly bolts that came with the kit. I guess the engineers that designed the fuckin thing know what they’re talking about.

Also went to Newtown Book and Tape Exchange. I got a book called The DaVinci Code. Seems kindof good so far. Opening was a comic book/Alias like plot. Which doesn’t make it bad, just saying. Narrator is good with voices, but by trying so hard with voices his general narration is boring. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. After Frank Muller and George Guidall, anyone is going to be tough.

So went home, ate leftovers, etc. Bought food at ACME (more for Pork Chops on Sunday).

Hung the medicine cabinet and the shelves in the bedroom. All well and good. Ate dinner, sausage sandwiches.

Sunday, we got up really early. Like 8:00, and really got right to work. Made breakfast of omelets and scrapple. One day I’m gonna learn how to flip omelets!

Suzanne organized the bookshelves, while I cleaned the kitchen. Got that done. House looks pretty good, all things considered. Both bathrooms are clean. Kitchen is clean. Lunchmeat is cooked for the week.

Then we went and saw Aunt Nancy. Yeah. That was rough. We drove over to Hillcrest Center. Okay, first off no one knows her at the front desk as Nancy, everything is Kathleen. No one calls Nancy Kathleen. Anyway.

Okay, it’s tough to picture someone when they say that she’s lost a lot of weight, has no nose, and can’t move her left side. I mean we all remember Aunt Nancy as she was, a large towering woman, who made her presence quite known always. So, the nightmarish images were greater than the truth, which is good. She looks good, all things considered. She hasn’t ‘aged’ like you think of some people doing in Nursing Homes. She was positive, and had a positive outlook on life. She knew where she was and was adapting, to a degree, well to the situation.

The two most disturbing things are that she had no nose and her drooling. No nose. At least it was covered up by bandages. But, some of it was coming down off her face. It wasn’t pretty, at all. The other thing is how much the lack of a nose affected her voice. It was seriously different. Like no nasal tone to her voice whatsoever. Her voice reminded me of someone or something, but I can’t think of who or what. Like a distant memory on the tips of memory. Either someone in a similar ‘weakened’ condition, or something. The drooling was kindof bad. But more understandable. More normal. But she was very self conscious about it. And understandably so. Nancy is and probably continues to be a very proud woman. (probably half the problem)

Two pieces of news, we told Nancy that we are getting married next year. So she was happy for the two of us. She remembered Suzanne and was happy for us. Was happy that she was the one I chose. Said she was special. She wants to come to the wedding. I guess I will talk to MJ about that. We will have to see, in terms of health, what can be done about that. Maybe have a nurse bring her and Granny for the day to the church.

Secondly, Will Morrow is gonna be a father. Kindof scary. No matter what, I hope that Will’s child is healthy. Colleen’s baby doesn’t sound like it’s any better.

So we left after a 15 min visit or so. Went home, cooked dinner: Pork Chops with Lyles/Karo Marinade, Rice in Chicken Broth, Zucchini, and Apple Sauce. Very yummy.

Got a lot of laundry done. Watched John Goodman on Inside the Actor’s Studio. Re-watched the ending to Alias. Suzanne hadn’t seen it. Small preview for 1st episode of Alias. Won’t be the blockbuster, but will be good to see. Saw Conan’s 10th anniversary. Decent.

Oh, Barbara calls Suzanne up with this pretense of asking Suze about bridemaid’s dresses, and ends up asking Suzanne what’s up with this bridal shower that my Mom is throwing that she is not invited to. I mean a bunch of made-up truths, lies, and misunderstandings leads to a confrontation with Suzanne and a ruining of a Wedding Shower. Good thing she didn’t do it when I was actually in the room, or was in my earshot. I would have torn into her. Good lord.

Suzanne’s mother took the blame, which she shouldn’t have. Mom called Sadie to ask her if it was alright to have a shower for Suzanne in Wilmington. Now I know for a fact that Barbara and her mother are indeed invited to this. Mom told me. According to Sadie, Mom didn’t even discuss guest list with her. Just asked if it was alright. Sadie agreed that it was fine.

And somehow through mishearings and Barbara’s paranoia, she thinks that she isn’t invited and confronts Suzanne who knows nothing about it.

Big rigamarole with Suzanne and her mother. Suzanne gets upset at both Barbara and the real culprit in her mind, Dean. I don’t know. My jury is still out, let’s just leave it there.

Anyway, so that was that. I may have to say something to Barbara. She owes Suzanne a serious apology, and if Suze doesn’t get her pound of flesh from Barbara, I may have to. It may be Dean’s fault, but still, you can’t do that. You don’t ruin a surprise. I mean why would Suzanne know anything about a shower when my Mom was simply asking permission if she could have it.


The two of them. Dropped down a well…

This morning, I come in to work. Knowing that my fantasy team sucks for now. I decide to check out the pro-football scores to see if my football pool did well. Since I thought I had quite a few key ones correct. I got 10 out of 15. And hit every one from 16-09… 108 points before we even get to MNF. (And should have had 116, cause I thought the Colts would win, but listened to the radio too much)…


Bengals getting 12 ½ to the Raiders. Cincinatti sucks, but not that many points. 16 pts.

Seahawks giving 4 ½ to the Cardinals. Hawks much improved, and Cards suck. 15 pts

Panthers getting 9 ½ to the Bucks. Improved Panther D. Classic letdown game. 14 pts

Chiefs giving 3 ½ to the Steelers. Chiefs best offense in NFL. Steelers still suck. 13 pts

Dolphins giving 3 ½ to the Jets. Phins needed this victory, badly. Jets can’t use Vinnie properly. 12 pts.

Ravens giving 2 ½ to the Browns. Browns will be better, but Ravens needed a big victory, and at home. 11 pts

Bills giving 2 ½ to the Jags. Bills are looking really good. Jags are a mess. 10 pts.

Patriots getting 5 ½ to the Eagles. Nothing the Birds did, made me think they could win a game. Pats sucked last week, but thought would hang tough. 9 pts.

Miss: Titans getting 2 ½ to the Colts. Kindof thought Titans would keep it close, or maybe win. Colts might be for real…33-7 victory

Miss: Lions getting 6 ½ to Packers. Thought Packers were over, and Lions were surging. Well, more that Lions were playing Cards… lost 31-6

Redskins getting 3 ½ to the Falcons. Falcons suck w/o Vick. Redskins showed me something last week. 6 pts.

Miss: Rams giving 49ers 3 ½ points. Called it right. Thought 49ers would have a let down. But Rams won by a field goal. Lost by ½ point. FUCK

Game tonight: Giants giving Cowboys 7 ½ points. Cowboys suck, but I hope not. I need a team to feed on!

Miss: Chargers getting 3 ½ from Broncos. I thought the Chargers would keep it close. Broncos kicked their ass.

Vikings giving 8 ½ to the Bears. Vikings are that good. Bears are that bad. 2 pts

Miss: Texans getting 8 ½ from Saints. Okay, went to the well once too often. Saints kicked the Texans ass. 31-10

So, all that led to me winning this week’s football pool! Getting $150. Whoo hooo!

Figure I’ll save it and take Mom and Suze out to dinner on Saturday.

That is if the hurricane doesn’t slam us.

Tonight is that meeting at Computer Training. Might be good. We shall see. MCSE training along with CISCO. 16 weeks. Key thing is price, ya know…

Fun schtuff…